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    Settima Capabilities

    Initially, Settima began developing screw pumps for lifts and elevators. Over time, the continuous attention to customer needs has led the company to gain experience in various fields, increasing the number of models produced, becoming one of the most important manufacturers no noise pumps, both for low and high pressure applications.

    At the beginning of 2000, with the market introduction of the special helical rotor pump, the Continuum®, the range of industrial applications has been further extended, up to encompass all those areas which require high pressures, economy of management and a very low noise. The special and patented profile of the helical Continuum® rotor, the heart of the high pressure pump with the lowest noise in the market, has allowed Settima to become a leader also in industry, for applications such as power hydraulics, industrial machinery, hydro power, and in the areas of Mobile, Wind Energy and Power Generation.

    Settima has always devoted substantial resources to the technological development of special products, specially created to meet the specific requests of customers. It means a continuous research and innovation activity.
  • No Noise

    No Noise Thanks to the complete lack of noise of its entire product range, Settima is amongst the world's leading manifacturers of silent mechanical pumps, which allow greater comfort on the workplace.
  • High Flow

    High Flow Settima's products are thoroughly tested, during their design, to satisfy all the required European Standard Quality Certifications, to better, safely and efficiently handle high pressures and high flows fluids.
  • Fuel Oils

    Fuel Oils Pumps produced by Settima are designed for maximum efficiency in diesel oil handling, along with great durability and tolerance of the components for the liquid's impurity.
  • High Viscosity

    High Viscosity Settima products are developed specifically in order to face the problematics of high-viscosity fluids pumping, doing so safely, with maximum efficiency and by staying eco-friendly.
  • Dirty Fluids

    Dirty Fluids The pumps produced by Settima undergo strict controls in order to make sure that, during the operations of transportation of dirty fluids, the reliability of the pumps is preserved in the time.
  • Low Viscosity

    Low Viscosity Pumps produced by Settima are developed with particular care for low viscosity fluids.
  • Energy Saving

    Energy Saving Settima, always enviromentally aware, has developed its products placing exceptional care in making sure that its own products can be used in energy saving systems.
  • Low Noise

    Low Noise Thanks to a special partnership with one of the most important brand in pump market, Settima, is happy to announce its entrance in the category of low-noise low cost high pressure pumps.
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