• Cooling


    Settima products are specifically designed for pumping oil for cooling of combustion engines, without a loss in performance, and for tool machines applications. DETAILS
  • Presses


    Settima products are specifically designed for pumping oil at high pressure, needed to operate small and large industrial machine presses, without noise. DETAILS
  • Marine


    Settima is able to cover the needs of ships of different types and sizes, up to the biggest container ship, and the need for ready availability of spare parts as the sector requires. DETAILS
  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    High efficiency and quality, always following the latest regulations. Settima pumps are suitable for the transfer, circulation and mixing of clean fluids with lubricating power. DETAILS
  • Lift


    Settima was born in 1978 with the production of hydraulic pumps for hydraulic / oleodynamic lifts and elevators, products renowned for durability, low cost and high quality. DETAILS
  • Lube


    Settima products are specifically designed for pumping oil for lubrication, to meet the needs of small and large combustion engines, without a loss in performance. DETAILS
  • Mobile


    The operations of no-noise cooling, filtration, low and high pressure recirculation of vehicles are entrusted to several innovative and revolutionary Settima products. DETAILS
  • Material Handling

    Material Handling

    Settima products are specifically designed to operate in settings where there's a paramount need of reliability, silence and heavy load capacity, like in forklifts' masts. DETAILS
  • Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Settima is the partner of many leading engineering firms, with its pumps widely used in tandem solutions for feeding and injection systems for burners and oil seal applications. DETAILS
  • Filtration


    Settima products are specifically designed to optimize the pumping and the separation of dirty and heavy fluids from light ones, allowing a eco-compatible plant. DETAILS
  • Tool Machines

    Tool Machines

    Settima products are specifically designed for powering, lubricating and cooling the moltitude of cutting, boring, grinding and shearing operations present in any tool machine. DETAILS
  • Industrial


    Settima is world leader in innovative solutions for hydraulic systems used in industry. With Continuum® Pump, for the first time, hydraulic pumps are no longer synonymous with noise. DETAILS
  • Windmill


    Settima products are specifically designed for the ease of installation, the very low maintenance and the long life span needed for the use in windmill farms. DETAILS
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